When will we walk with SlutWalk Philadelphia?

Date for SlutWalk PhiladelphiaWalk with SlutWalk Philadelphia

Originally SlutWalk Philadelphia planned to stage the walk on Saturday, June 18, 2011. SlutWalk Philadelphia will not take place this Saturday. The announcement of a precise date was premature. When we are able to announce the actual date it will be firm. While a large number of cities have been able to put on a walk in a matter of weeks, Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the nation and there are specific requirements we must meet with such a large gathering anticipated. This leaves us better organized and with plans progressing more smoothly. The final date for the slutwalk cannot be announced until every step is approved and we have secured all necessary permits. We are working diligently. Help keep the momentum building! The date for SlutWalk Philadelphia is to be announced. Look for the date on the SlutWalk Philadelphia website, facebook and twitter (!/SlutWalkPhilly – former link).