rape culture

Aishah Shahidah Simmons Speaks Out

Black. Lesbian. Feminist. Mother. Warrior. Poet. Audre Lorde’s written words taught me that my silence will not protect me, and that silence is not golden. I am a Black feminist lesbian who is a survivor of incest and rape. […]

Aishah Shahidah Simmons speaks out at Philadelphia SlutWalk
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Qui Alexander Speaks Out

Qui Alexander Speech at SlutWalk Philadelphia   Qui Alexander delivered a passionate and inspiring speech at SlutWalk Philadelphia on August 6, 2011. A transcript of Mr. Alexander’s speech is unavailable for publication at this time. August 6, 2011 SlutWalk Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US Read more about Mr. Alexander here. Note: Should anyone have an audio/video […]

Qui Alexander speaks out at SlutWalk Philadelphia 2011
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Stephanie Gilmore Speaks Out

Stephanie Gilmore Speech at SlutWalk Philadelphia Mi nombre es Stephanie Gilmore y yo soy una puta. My name is Stephanie Gilmore and I am a slut. Men and women, boys and girls, label me as such.  Why? I wear short skirts. I wear makeup. I drink alcohol. I am a woman. So, in the United […]

Stephanie Gilmore speaks out at Philadelphia SlutWalk 2011
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State Senator Daylin Leach Speaks Out

State Senator Daylin Leach Speech at Slutwalk Philadelphia In the past few years across America, we have seen the beginning of an aggressive war against women. Outrageous statements and actions by commentators who claim to be responsible, and political leaders who are supposed to protect us have become commonplace and mainstream. What do I mean […]

State Senator Daylin Leach speaks out at SlutWalk Philadelphia 2011
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Kate Rush Cook Speaks Out

Kate Rush Cook Speech at SlutWalk Philadelphia I felt the hand before I saw it. Squeezing my throat –  choking me. Gasping for air. What is happening? I heard his voice, “Unlock the car, I am getting in.” His hand still on my throat, I gasped for air. I listened and complied with his demands. […]

Kate Rush Cook speech
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Deepa Kumar Speaks Out

Deepa Kumar Speech at SlutWalk Philadelphia Thanks to the organizers for inviting me. It’s about time we had a women’s movement in this country! Over the last three decades we have seen assault upon assault on women’s rights. Roe v Wade was one of the key triumphs of the women’s movement—yet shortly after this victory […]

Deepa Kumar speaks out at SlutWalk Philadelphia 2011
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