Women’s Rights Petition – Tell the FBI Rape is Rape on Change.Org

FBI Petition Take Action! Rape is Rape A petition demanding the Federal Bureau of Investigation update it’s 80-year-old definition of forcible rape is now online at Change.Org. The petition was started by Ms. magazine after the publication of its article “If a woman isn’t bruised and bleeding, will her rape be counted?“. For background information […]

Rape is Rape FBI petition
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Petition for Dan Rottenberg’s Removal

Petition to Remove Dan Rottenberg as Editor of the Broad Street Review A petition entitled, “Editor Who Blamed Lara Logan for Her Gang Rape Must Go!” is currently online at – a website providing online tools for grassroots campaigns seeking social change locally and globally. It is calling for the removal of Dan Rottenberg, […]

Petition Dan Rottenberg
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