Feminist Studies Journal Airs Thoughts on SlutWalks

SlutWalk Forum in Feminist Studies

The journal Feminist Studies dedicated its News and Views section to a forum for scholarly discussion of SlutWalks in its Spring 2012 publication, Issue 38.1.

Feminist Studies examines SlutWalksSpring 2012

The News & Views forum in this issue marks the anniversary of SlutWalk, a “viral event” that engaged feminists across the world over the past year. The forum presents impassioned first-person accounts of marches in Toronto, Philadelphia, Bhopal, and New Delhi, as well as reflections on the forms of feminism that are elevated, and cast aside, by such activism.

Andrea O’Reilly, a professor at York University, chronicles the unfolding of the first march in Toronto and also responds to criticisms of the event that have ensued since. Hannah Altman, a college-age organizer of the Philadelphia march, recounts the meaning and important lessons in strategy learned from the experience. Durba Mitra critically reflects on how the concept of SlutWalk has been taken up and reconfigured in locations in India, while Kathy Miriam asks us to carefully interrogate the titillation that undergirds the media attention that SlutWalk receives.

In this way, the forum represents the best impulses among us: celebrating the work that young and old women do to contest violence and affirm their sexual rights, and also dissecting the operation of patriarchal, imperial,and corporate power.

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