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Aishah Shahidah and Rebecca Traister Talk About SlutWalks with Marty Moss Coane on Radio TimesRadio Times Simmons and Traister Slutwalks

Discussing SlutWalks with Radio Times host Marty Moss Coane are Aisha Shahidah and Rebecca Traister. Hear what these women have to say about the messages in the SlutWalk movement. Ms. Simmons an award-winning filmmaker of  “NO! The Rape Documentary“, cultural worker and rape survivor, talks about her decision to be a part of SlutWalk Philadelphia. Ms. Traister, a writer for and whose article “Ladies, We Have a Problem” appeared in the New York Times magazine discusses her apprehensions surrounding SlutWalks. Talk show host Marty Moss-Coane guides the conversation with both women during the hour-long program and callers pose questions.


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This program aired on August 4, 2011.

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Radio Times SlutWalk with Marty Moss Coane